How Surgi-Shorts Can Provide Comfort & Privacy after Surgery

The US Patented Uni-Sex Surgi-Shorts are designed to be used during surgeries (with your doctor's permission) and immediately after surgeries requiring Jackson Pratt drain tubes and bulbs. If your hospital does not provide you with Surgi-Shorts prior to going into surgery, you will want to purchase your own to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of having the drains taped to your abdomen. The strategically located side pockets in Surgi-Shorts allow for safety, privacy, security and comfort.  The soft, cotton waistband helps to secure the tube(s) giving the patient peace of mind at home and in public.

Focusing on Healing and  Not Your JP Drains

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There are many surgeries that require the use of one or more surgical drains near the incisions. Although these surgical drains can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, they are important to the healing process. They were designed for a specific medical function and not for personal comfort.  That is why we designed Surgi-Shorts.

Benefits of Using Surgi-Shorts

  • Comfort – Surgi-Shorts are soft, cotton undergarments that can be comfortably worn beneath most clothing. The inside pockets hold the bulbs in place, eliminating the need for tape and allowing for more freedom of movement.

  • Privacy – Surgi-Shorts inner pockets discreetly conceal tubes and bulbs, giving you assurance, whether at home or in public.

  • Security – Surgi-Shorts ease the fear of disconnecting the tubes by providing secure pockets in which to place the bulbs.

The Surgi-Shorts Story

Jackie Green
Inventor and Surgi-Shorts User

In July 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and two weeks later I had a double mastectomy.  I had my first experience with Jackson Pratt drains when I was sent home from the hospital with them TAPED to my abdomen. My initial fear was the possibility of accidentally pulling the tubes from my body. I then began a search to find a better way to secure the dangling bulbs.  I was not successful.    READ MORE Learn more and buy Surgi-Shorts Lear more about Surgi-Shorts Purchase Surgi-Shorts

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In July 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and two weeks later I had a double mastectomy. I h..

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